Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

ABE Departmental Seminars

ABE I4 Seminar Series

Interactive, Intriguing, Inspiring, and Interesting

The Department presents weekly seminars during the academic year. The seminars are intended to be Interactive, Intriguing, Inspiring, and Interesting (I4). A variety of topics are presented by speakers from the Department, the Colleges of Engineering and ACES, other units across campus, and experts invited from across the nation and the world. Topics include not only technical subjects, but also current economic and social issues that are of interest to Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

The seminars are held on Friday’s during the lunch hour in Room 204 Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building (AESB). Pizza is served at 11:45 am with the program beginning at noon.

The I4 Seminar schedule for the Spring 2014 semester is……


1/24/2014 Richard Cooke Professor, ABE "Designing Rainfall Harvesting Systems for Inland Valley Swamps in Sierra Leone"
1/31/2014 Tarek Abdelzaher Assistant Professor, CS Dept., UIUC "Social Sensing: Making Reliable Observations from Microblog Data"
2/07/2014 Jeffrey A. Lacey Idaho National Laboratory, Biological and Chemical Processing Department "Development of Ash-reduction Strategies in Corn Stover Using Mechanical Separations"
2/14/2014 David Bullock Professor, Ag & Consumer Economics, UIUC "Using Variable Rate Technology to Increase the Value of Variable Rate Technology: Long-term, Large-scale, Worldwide Agronomic Experimentation"
2/21/2014 Yanfeng Ouyang Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Eng., UIUC "Biofuel Supply Chain Design under Agricultural Land Use Competition and Government Regulations"
2/28/2014 Shaowen Wang Professor, Geography & Geographic Info Science, NCSA, UIUC "Synergistically Advancing CyberGIS and Data-Intensive Sciences"
3/07/2014 Steve John & Greg McIssac Agricultural Watershed Institute "Beyond BMPs: Perennial Biomass Crops and Water Quality"
3/14/2014 NO SEMINAR ExplorACES
3/21/2014 Clark Bullard Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Science & Engineering, UIUC "Agricultural Drainage: Science vs. Myth"
3/28/2014 NO SEMINAR Spring Break
4/04/2014 Mark David Professor, NRES, UIUC "Science Assessment to Support an Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy"
4/11/2014 Brian Aldridge Clinical Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine, UIUC


4/18/2014 Masooda Bashir Assistant Professor, GSLIS, UIUC "The Role of Trust in Automation"
4/25/2014 Jody Endres Assistant Professor, NRES, UIUC "The Role of Litigation in Hindering the Biofuels Sector in the US and Future Prospects"
5/02/2012 Chris Harbourt Vice President and Principal Engineer, Waterborne Environmental, Inc. and ABE Alumnus "Data Science and Informatics for the Grower: Is There a Big Business Opportunity in "Big Data" for Ag. and Bio. Engineers"