Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Research & Extension

Extension and Outreach

Agricultural Safety and Health
Research-based information and resources to assist individuals and organizations in understanding and preventing injury and illness while working in and around Illinois agriculture.
Agricultural Safety and Health Network
Community-based programs addressing various agricultural safety and health issues.
Illinois Certified Livestock Manager Training
The goal of our CLM training is to educate Illinois livestock producers about waste management practices, rules and regulations to enable them to become certified as required by state of Illinois regulations.
Small Farms Manure Management
The Small Farms Manure Management website provides livestock producers with information related to composting manure, environmental rules and regulations, facilities, manure land application and pasture management.
Illinois Manure Management Plan (IMMP)
The IMMP website offers step-by-step instructions for developing manure management plans that comply with the requirements of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Illinois Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
Energy Education Council (EEC)
Promoting more effective, efficient and safe use of electric energy.
Midwest Plan Service (MWPS)
Develops agricultural publications covering topics including: agricultural engineering; farm business management; animal sciences such as, dairy, swine, beef, horse, and sheep; construction; grain and postharvest; soil, air, and water management; manure management; and ventilation for livestock housing.
Pesticide Safety Education
The goal of our Pesticide Safety Education program is to reach all users of pesticides in Illinois with educational information on the effective, economic, and environmentally sound use of pesticides.
University of Illinois Extension Water Quality Page
Our goal is to protect our natural resources while utilizing them wisely to provide food, fiber, fuel, building materials and recreation for current and future generations.  A list of UIE Land and Water Fact Sheets is also available.
University of Illinois Extension
Practical, research-based information and programs to help individuals, families, farms, businesses and communities in Illinois.