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Graduate Student Association Officers - 2015-2016


Jaime Thissen

Jaime Thissen

Jaime Thissen’s research interests are in energy development, sustainability and international policy.  He is currently a SURGE Fellow and is working with Dr. Davidson on developing cattail resource project relating to biomass extraction and water quality. Last summer he conducted multidisciplinary sustainability research regarding the Amazon Rainforest as a Summer Predoctoral Fellow.  Jaime is a nine-time scholarship winner, former McNair Scholar, McNair Fellow and is a former array team member of the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project.  He has previously worked with the USDA, UNEP and Buccleuch Estates in Scotland.  He has also given numerous research presentations.

Internal Vice President

Shang-Jen Yang

"SJ" Shang-Jen Yang

My name is Shang-Jen Yang, a 2nd year Ph.D student who work with Dr. Xinlei Wang in Bio-environmental group.  I received my B.S. at National Taiwan University and work on spatial-temporal stochastic model. I got my M.S. here at U of I focusing on sustainable farming system design. My current research interests is developing decision support capacities for sustainable farming, livestock production, and crop production system. I love doing research, wine tasting, golfing, and travel!

External Vice President

Vaskar Dahal

Vaskar is a graduate student from Nepal. Growing up surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills of Nepal, the love for nature, especially water, etched into his heart and soul very early in life. His enthusiasm for understanding the nuanced web of climate, water and agriculture brought him to UIUC for a PhD in Soil & Water Engineering. He is a non-conformist, a dreamer. He likes to visit places abounding with natural beauty. He loves footbal, and yeah, heavy metal too.


Matthew Stoklosa

Matthew Stoklosa

Hello! My name is Matthew Stoklosa and I am a first year Master's Student in ABE working under Dr. Prasanta Kalita. My research is currently focused on using UAVs to detect and monitor soil moisture in a field during a growing season. Previous to my masters, I received my BS from UIUC in Agricultural and Biological engineering with a concentration in Soil and Water Resource Engineering. I am originally from Wheeling, Illinois which is a northwest suburb of Chicago. 


Sudip Gautam

Sudip Gautam

My name is Sudip Gautam, and I'm from Lalitpur, Nepal. Currently, I'm working towards my master's degree in ABE under the guidance of Dr. Rabin Bhattarai. My research interests include Hydrologic and Hydraulic modeling. Currently, I'm working on an IDOT project, at the end of which we will be developing a design guidelines for Low Water Crossings in Illinois.


Athletics Chair

Jamison Watson



Social Chair

Wenyue Li



Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson

My name is Adam Anderson, I am a 2nd year ABE Master’s student working under Dr. Lei Tian. My research focus is the characterization of UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) chemical application. I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (minor in Explosives Engineering) from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and worked for 3 years in explosives-related research and testing. My interests include music, archery, cooking, hiking/camping and art.


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