Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering is dedicated to creating a climate that amplifies and nurtures practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), not just through words but through actions.

To conduct this work, we have established a DEI committee and set the following three goals for this committee:

  1. To understand and address ongoing climate issues that emerge in our community.
  2. To enrich our intellectual engagement by supporting department members pursuing work and holding events related to DEI and holding events related to DEI.
  3. To build a long term accountability plan that gives the department multiple opportunities to sustain, reflect on, and continually revise our practices in order to achieve such an environment.

Lunar New Year


ABE DEI Committee


Angela Green-Miller

Angela-Green Miller


Salah Issa

Salah F. Issa


Committee Members

Richard Cooke

Richard Cooke

Laurie Leonelli

Laurie Leonelli

Gopu Nair

Gopu Nair


Mei Tessum

Mei Tessum


Anne Marie

Anne Marie Boone


Kelsie Woodward

Kelsie Woodward




Nancy McCrone

Student Members


Haribansha Timalsina



Solomon Davenport


Sagar Regmi

Sagar Regmi

Sajid Raza

Sajid Raza


Programming & Events

Throughout the year, the ABE DEI Committee offers programming and events to promote education, discussion, and implementation DEI subject matter. Please check the ABE newsletter, department social media, and your email for upcoming events.

To be added to the listserv to receive the ABE Advising eNews listserv, please contact abe@illinois.edu.


All public communications related to the ABE’s DEI work have been reported through ABE newsletters.

If you have any questions about these communications or would like to learn more, please contact abe-dei@aces.Illinois.edu.

Goals & Outcomes

Academic Year 2022-2023 Stated Goals

  • Establish system for electing/selecting student representatives: Accomplished
  • Host listening sessions with undergraduate, graduate, and faculty/staff: Accomplished
  • Communicate listening sessions results with undergraduate, graduate, and faculty/staff: In process
  • Add DEI information and resources to our ABE website: Accomplished
  • Generate set of possible priorities for 2023-24 year: In process


Cultural & Resource Centers

Our campus has cultural and resource centers to serve our diverse community and foster a climate of respect, tolerance, and the free exchange of ideas.

Campus Offices & Resources

Title IX 

The Title IX Office at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is primarily responsible for coordinating the university’s compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) and related federal and state laws and regulations, in addition to university policies and procedures.

This includes providing leadership, oversight, consultation, education, and training to the university community around the topic of Title IX. It also includes helping to ensure that the university responds appropriately and effectively to issues and grievances related to Title IX and related state and federal laws.

The Title IX Office is responsible for issues pertaining to: Sexual Misconduct, Athletics, and Pregnant & Parenting.

Title IX Office
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
614 E. Daniel Street, Suite 303
Champaign, IL 61820
Email: titleixcoordinator@illinois.edu
Phone: (844) 616-7978

Confidential Resources

Non-Confidential Resources