Learn how to think critically and innovate creatively through a variety of flexible academic programs in Agricultural & Biological Engineering (ABE) and Engineering Technology and Management for Agricultural Systems (ETMAS).

Our undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees will prepare you for a career addressing challenges in agriculture, food, construction, and the environment.

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Find what you're most passionate about so that you can reach your full potential. Courses in air, soil and water quality, off-road equipment, construction management, renewable energy, and much more await your curiosity. Small class sizes afford you more individualized attention so that you can form meaningful, collaborative relationships with your peers and faculty.

Student Testimonials

Fina Healy (ABE '22), Jr. Design Engineer, Tigerbrain Engineering


"Take your time and explore your options within ABE. I chose ABE because I knew I wanted to be an engineer and was interested in sustainability. There are seven different concentrations within ABE so if you find that one path is not your best choice, there are other options without having to switch majors! Moreover, I love the small department size.  I was able to make connections with my professors early on in my college career which helped me gain more professional experience and make lifelong connections with students and faculty.  Our department provides unique experience as you get that family atmosphere in a big ten engineering university.  I love ABE!"

-Fina Healy (ABE '22)



Kevin Hinders (TSM '21), Project Engineer, Leopardo Companies

Kevin Hinders

"Nearly a year after I graduated, I am amazed by the support, education, and opportunities the ABE community provided me. The small size of the department and the broad scope of the curriculum helped create these opportunities: I was able to have two paid internships in two very different fields (Soybean Research and Construction Management). The hands-on approach of many of my classes gave me invaluable experience which fits seamlessly with my career path in Construction Management!

I have met plenty of alumni from the ABE community and the diversity of careers is incredible."

-Kevin Hinders (TSM '21)



Jayna Fittipaldo (TSM '21), Project Engineer, Mascaro Construction Company


Jayna Fittipaldo"The College of ACES, and more specifically Technical Systems Management (TSM), was a great program to be a part of. It is a small community of students, but that is what makes it so much better. I got to meet and become friends with everyone in my class. What is unique about this program is that everyone had different interests / career paths, but those all brought us to this program because it is so diverse. Some of us wanted to go into construction, others wanted to focus on agriculture and farming, and some even wanted to focus on water resource management. The thing that separates TSM from other programs is that almost every class that you take is hands-on. And, down the road, that is what separates TSM students from others in the workforce. Having hands-on experience is extremely beneficial, especially in the construction industry because it allows me to bring something different to the table. As I was in my last semester as a member of TSM, I could see this shift and movement in the program that looked to be headed in a bigger and even better direction. I am so happy I came across the College of ACES and TSM. I believe this program, TSM, has really helped me, shaped me, and led me to where I am today, and for that I am extremely grateful."

-Jayna Fittipaldo (TSM '21)



Daniela Markazi (ABE '19), PhD Candidate in Bioinformatics, UIUC


Daniela Markazi"It is an honor for me to be a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) with a Minor in Natural Resource Conservation in December 2019.

When I first entered the doors of the world-renowned University of Illinois in 2015 as a freshman, I pondered about how I could combine my robotics, engineering, and computer science experiences with my other passions related to STEM. Since I enjoyed taking biology and environmental science classes in high school, and I was passionate about environmental sustainability and resiliency, I wanted to have an environmental focus on whatever major I pursued. That’s when I found out about Agricultural and Biological Engineering, which most people affectionately refer to as “ABE.”

As an undergraduate student in ABE, I was presented with a world of opportunities. ABE focuses on agriculture, one of the most important sources of livelihood and life throughout the world, but it also does so much more. ABE offers a wide variety of classes that help to ensure sustainable food and energy, a prosperous environment, and healthy families and communities. Because of ABE, I found my love of performing research, and I conducted undergraduate research for over three years. Because of ABE, I studied abroad three times. Because of ABE, I was able to help out with the Hurricane Maria disaster relief and resilience initiatives in Puerto Rico. Because of ABE, I developed and taught my own computer science class as an undergraduate student. Because of ABE, I designed and created a robot called “The Agrobot,” a robot based on real-life agricultural robots. Because of ABE, I joined professional organizations and held executive positions, including the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, where I was the president in 2019. Because of ABE, I took a myriad of classes relating to the environment, society, and engineering. Because of ABE, I met inspiring professors who taught me so much and inspired me to find my voice and my calling. Because of ABE, I became acquainted with my wonderful graduate advisor, Professor Luis Rodriguez. Because of ABE, I secured a job as a robotics engineer at John Deere. Because of ABE, I was honored to be a College of Engineering Knights of St. Patrick awardee. Because of ABE, I met my best friends. Because of ABE, the University of Illinois really felt like home. Finally, because of ABE, I decided to stay “home” at the University of Illinois to pursue a graduate degree.


I love ABE, and I have accomplished so much because I was a part of this great community! It is a fantastic department, and because it is in both the College of Engineering and the College of ACES, ABE has presented me with so many opportunities. Right now, as a Ph.D. student, I can still see how ABE has positively impacted my life! I am proud to be a part of the University of Illinois, and I’m most especially proud to be a part of and to graduate from ABE!"

-Daniela Markazi (ABE '19)