The ETMAS curriculum combines the best of new technology with business management principles to help you acquire the technical expertise needed for today’s global economy. The ETMAS program provides excellent preparation for careers in the production, processing, and manufacturing of food, fiber, feed, fuel and construction management.

Graduates from the ETMAS program manage technology and systems to ensure safe food, sustainable agriculture, innovative construction, and environmentally sound use of natural resources. 

ABE Graduate Handbook 

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This M.S. program provides two options:

  • Thesis Option - The thesis-based M.S. degree program is a research-oriented program of study that is usually completed in two years. Students complete at least 24 hours of coursework and 8 hours of thesis research. 18 to 24 months beyond the B.S. degree are required.
  • Non-thesis Option - This non-thesis option requires 36 hours of coursework and documentation of a significant research experience with a significant writing experience.

Program Contacts

Dr. Maria Chu
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies


Maria Chu
Heather Crump
Admissions and Records Officer, Graduate Advising


Heather Crump