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We’re here to serve and support your academic, personal, and professional goals. Through personalized advising and diverse experiential learning opportunities, our staff and faculty members are committed to your success! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs.

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Current students should check their inboxes for the weekly Advising eNews delivered on Thursdays during the regular semester. Through eNews, we share exciting professional opportunities, remind students of important upcoming dates and deadlines, bring awareness to helpful resources on campus, and introduce students to faculty, staff, alumni, and peers. 

ABE Undergraduate Advising 

Anne Boon,
Student Academic Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising, ABE

Luis Rodriguez,
Associate Professor, Chief Advisor, ABE

ETMAS & TSM Undergraduate Advising 

Travis Johnson,
Academic Advisor, Instructor

Paul Davidson,
Associate Professor, Advising Coordinator, ETMAS and TSM

ABE, ETMAS, & TSM Graduate Advising 

Heather Michelle Crump,
Admissions and Records Officer, Graduate Advising
(217) 333-2446

Xinlei Wang,
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies 
(217) 333-4446