Students working on cropsStudying abroad provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain a more global outlook related to your field. The University of Illinois offers over 400 study abroad programs, ranging from 10-day to year-long stays in over 100 countries. To help make sure students like you get the most out of their experiences, ABE identified several study abroad programs of special interest.

You can also look for programs led by ABE faculty, such as trips led by Dr. Xinlei Wang to China to conduct laboratory research, Dr. Paul Davidson to South Africa to collaborate on ag-related engineering projects with South African students, and Dr. Luis Rodriguez to Puerto Rico to aid in hurricane disaster relief.

The ACES Office of Academic Programs, International Programs in Engineering, and the campus Study Abroad Office are great resources to help you find a program that’s right for you. Also, you'll find various forms of financial support to help cover the cost of your international adventure.