We offer two undergraduate majors, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) and Engineering Technology and Management for Agricultural Systems (ETMAS). 

Both programs prepare students to develop and apply sustainable solutions to agricultural, food, construction, the environment, and energy systems. ABE students tend to be passionate about designing and analyzing these systems or components of these systems. ETMAS students tend to be passionate about managing and applying technology to these systems in a hands-on fashion.”

Our flexible curricula combined with experiential learning opportunities will prepare you for a competitive workplace. With a degree from the ABE department, you can find a career in academia, consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profit groups, or research institutions with average starting salaries of $66,000 for ABE graduates and $62,000 for ETMAS graduates. 


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Technical Systems Management 

This minor broadens your ability to solve problems involving the application, management, and marketing of agricultural engineering technologies. Study related technologies to supplement your major field.

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For more information about the technical systems management minor, please contact:

Travis Johnson
(217) 333-4611

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Agricultural Safety and Health 

This minor provides an in-depth understanding of the occupational safety and health issues associated with production agriculture. Students gain familiarity with injury and illness rates and control methodologies among agricultural populations. Additionally, students will develop an understanding of how to develop a safety risk management plan for a farm or other agricultural related business.

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For more information about the agricultural safety and health minor, please contact:

Josephine Rudolphi
(217) 333-9417