With more than 1,000 student organizations across campus, it’s never been easier to get involved. The student organizations affiliated with the Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department offer opportunities for professional development including participation in regional, national, and international meetings and conferences, as well as the chance to network with students, faculty, staff, alumni and other professionals.


Explore Current Organizations

ABE Ambassadors

ABE Ambassadors are trained to represent the department to prospective and admitted students, alumni, donors, and friends of the department, as well as the general public. They work with faculty and staff to build the department community, increase visibility of our disciplines, and engage alumni, donors, and friends. 

Contact: Anne Marie Boone.

Animal Welfare Club

The Animal Welfare Club furthers the conversation of the importance of animal welfare among students, presenting them with expert speakers, as well as opportunities for educational growth in the contest setting. 

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) fosters a stronger community between graduate students in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 


Illini Agricultural Mechanization Club

The Ag Mech Club gives students the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other students, faculty, alumni, and industry contacts.

Illini Algae

Students in Illini Algae Club can partner with ABE graduate students to help with projects using algae, to learn laboratory techniques, and help advance current research. The club also helps educate students about the industry and current developments. Beyond the ABE department, the club organizes its members, sometimes in conjunction with other organizations, to facilitate involvement in competitions seeking new projects on both local and national scales. Students are encouraged to join for the learning experience and the opportunity to gain laboratory experience working with relevant systems in algae and bioenergy sustainability. 


Illini Pullers

The Illini Pullers team designs, builds, and competes a ¼ scale pulling tractor.  Our students  work alongside students from a variety of majors to create a new tractor each year and compete against teams from all around the world in pulling, maneuverability, design report, and presentations.

Illini Urban Farmers

The mission of the Illini Urban Farmers organization is to provide hands-on learning experiences through speakers, research, industry linked design projects, and community outreach that will professionally and personally develop all students and others involved with the organization in implementing sustainable urban agriculture.


Illinois Biodiesel Initiative

The Illinois Biodiesel Initiative was started as an effort in reusing waste and reducing campus emissions and has been run by students since its founding. Being student-driven, a major part of the operation has been to educate more student about biodiesel usage and recycling and to get more students involved in the group's efforts. The organization seeks all kinds of students who have an interest in sustainability on campus and desire hands-on experience. In addition to biodiesel production, IBI has had several officers working with smaller groups of students on more specific sub-projects (such as soap research, production of soap, business modeling, and outreach).


Illinois Solar Decathlon

Illinois Solar Decathlon participates in multiple competitions to design and/or build Net-Zero Energy Homes.


Small Farm Club

The goal of this club is to expose members to a variety of agricultural practices and businesses that are sustainable and environmentally friendly while also being as productive as possible. Members will be able to learn about these practices with hands-on activities that are both fun and educational.