Two new faculty members have joined the ABE department in July 2020: Cody Allen and Mohammed Kamruzzaman.

Allen has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering also from Purdue, and bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the U of I. Prior to joining the ABE department, Allen worked as guidance, navigation, and control engineer with Boeing in St. Louis, Missouri. Allen’s research focuses on creating cleaner, more efficient heavy-duty machine systems by exploring advanced powertrain technologies and architectures that reduce non-renewable energy consumption and harmful emissions. He also develops model-based control algorithms and validation tools for machine automation leading to improved productivity, efficiency, and safety. Allen will also be teaching courses on off-road equipment engineering.

Kamruzzaman has a Ph.D. in Food and Biosystems Engineering from the University College Dublin, Ireland, M.S. in Food Science, Technology & Nutrition from Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, and bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology. Prior to joining the U of I, he conducted research at the University of Tokyo, Japan, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh, and the University of California, Davis, as well as in a tech company in the Bay Area. Kamruzzaman’s research applies optical sensing technologies such as spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging in tandem with chemometrics and machine learning to address the sustainability of bioprocessing technologies. He also works on novel and innovative process routes for rapid and real-time characterization and quality assessment/control of bioproducts/bioprocesses to improve food security, quality, safety, and nutrition, while simultaneously accounting for environmental and socio-economic impacts. Kamruzzaman will also be teaching courses in the bioprocessing area.

The department is excited to welcome both outstanding scholars. They will undoubtedly make significant contributions to our teaching and research programs in off-road equipment engineering and bioprocessing.