Research Areas

Bioenvironmental Engineering

woman installing an industrial fan

As indoor systems increase in prevalence when it comes to raising livestock and plants, our Bioenvironmental Engineering researchers are meeting the challenge of enhancing these systems by improving environmental conditions for animals, people, crop storage, and greenhouses. Research involves air quality improvement, handling and treating biowaste, diesel emissions, renewable energy systems, and animal welfare.

Bioenvironmental Engineering Researchers

Biological Engineering

cultures in petri dishes

At the crossroads of life sciences and engineering our Biological Engineers are seeking answers to real-world problems through the analysis of biological systems and creation of biotechnologies. Focus areas include renewable energy, nanotechnology, sustainability, and synthetic biology.

Biological Engineering Researchers

Food and Bioprocess Engineering

field of corn

Our Food and Bioprocess Engineering researchers are discovering and optimizing uses of food, feed, and energy products. Research involves bioprocessing technologies for biofuels production, coproduct quality and value, nutrient and nutraceutical recovery, and more.

Food and Bioprocess Engineering Researchers

Off-Road Equipment Engineering

a robot designed to navigate between rows of crops

Equipment innovations are moving our agricultural, construction, and mining industries forward. Our researchers are working to design and create equipment, control systems, and machinery to create new opportunities, enhance efficiencies, and ensure safety. Research focus areas include data acquisition systems, machine vision systems, agricultural safety and health, risk management, unmanned aerial systems autonomy, and precision agriculture.

Off-Road Equipment Engineering Researchers

Soil and Water Resources Engineering

students doing soil and water sampling on a grassy hill

As the human population grows, and with it our demand on the environment, the conservation and proper allocation of two of our most precious resources; soil and water, is of the utmost importance. Our researchers working in Soil and Water Resources Engineering are currently focused on areas such as water drainage and erosion control best management practices, global changes and their impact on water resources and ecosystem dynamics, and sediment and pathogen transport.

Soil and Water Resources Engineering Researchers

Technical Systems Management

Man looking at sprayer nozzles

At the intersection of management principles and new technology implementation, our Technical Systems Management research focuses in the areas of water quality, chemical transport, erosion control, environmental sustainability, project management and more.

Technical Systems Management Researchers