Scholarships and Awards for Undergraduate Students

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The deadline for 2018 - 2019 award applications is Friday February 22rd, 2019.

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Available Scholarships and Awards

H. Paul Bateman Congeniality Awards - $3000

This award is given to one student in Technical Systems Management and one student in Agricultural Engineering and is based on demonstrated exceptional cooperation and teamwork in classes and student projects.

Bauling/Pershing Memorial Awards - $1000

Must be a junior with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. Financial need will weigh heavily in deciding the recipient. Preference will be given to a student who is a graduate of Hononegah Community School, Winnebago County, Northern Illinois, State of Illinois (in order stated).

Dr. Loren Bode Memorial Scholarships - $500

The award is presented in memory of Dr. Loren Bode, former ABE professor and department head. The award is presented to one ABE and one TSM student. Recipients shall be juniors or seniors with demonstrated leadership, engagement in clubs and activities,  community involvement, and who shows promise of pursuing a career in the profession.

Douglas L. Bosworth Agricultural and Biological Engineering Endowed Scholarship - $2500

This scholarship is given to an ABE or TSM sophomore who has demonstrated leadership capabilities and achieved a GPA of 3.0 or more.

Wendell Bowers Agricultural and Biological Engineering Student Scholarship - $1500

Wendell is an alumnus who earned his Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1948 and his Master's Degree in 1956.  He is one of the pioneers in the concept, development and implementation of minimum tillage practices.  He also achieved the prestigious grade of "Fellow" in the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.  The recipient of this award demonstrates leadership in ABE activities, is respected by classmates and is in good academic standing.

Dr. Phillip and Carol Buriak Award - $1500

Presented to a student majoring in Agricultural and Biological Engineering or Technical Systems Management. Award is intended to provide support for international travel experiences.

Richard C. and Helen Coddington Design Team Award - $2000

The Design Team Award is to recognize one team each spring that best demonstrates leadership in spearheading the team’s project to successful completion. Project success depends on identifying alternative design concepts, on evaluating the feasibility of the proposed concepts, on demonstrating functionality through computer modeling or by fabrication and laboratory testing of the prototypes, on the oral presentation of the project, and on the completion of an industry format project report.

Steve Eckhoff and Pioneer Hi-Bred International Agricultural Engineering Scholarship - $1500

This is a merit-based scholarship available to an Agricultural Engineering or Technical Systems Management student.

Loren R. Maxey Scholarship - $1000

The recipient should be a student enrolled in ABE or TSM who hails from Ogle County or Stephenson County, Illinois, if possible. The student should be going into their junior year, have demonstrated academic success as well as departmental involvement.

C.E. Goering Award for Excellence - $500

Must be a junior in Technical Systems Management who shows outstanding scholarship and promise of future professional leadership.

Robert J. Gustafson Endowed Scholarship - $1500

Started in 2014, this scholarship is provided to an ABE undergraduate student with demonstrated excellence or potential in engineering.

Larry and Lola Huggins Scholarship - $1000

Larry is an alumnus who earned his Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1960 and his Master's Degree in 1962. His areas of technical specialization included hydrology, water quality and computer systems for environmental data acquisition/control and for educational applications. This annual scholarship is merit based, with preference first given to a student which demonstrates academic performance plus campus and community leadership.

John Deere Student Scholarship - $2000

The award is made to an outstanding junior in Agricultural Engineering for use during their senior year. Based upon academic performance, society activities, leadership, cooperative attitude, and need.

Ben and Georgeann Jones Undergraduate Student Scholarship - $250

This scholarship is given to an outstanding TSM junior or senior who has demonstrated academic excellence (GPA/project work/undergraduate research/internship and others), leadership skills through involvement in clubs and professional societies, and contributed to the success of the departmental programs.

Frank B. Lanham Award - $1250

Available to a freshman or transfer student in Agricultural Engineering. Emphasize promising leadership qualities and capabilities, scholastic achievements and potential success in pursuing a career in agricultural engineering.

E. W. Lehmann Outstanding Student Awards - Freshman $2000, Sophomore $2500, Junior $3000, Senior $4000

This award is made available from the E.W. Lehmann Scholarship Fund. Professor Emil W. Lehmann was Head of the Department for 34 years, from the time of its inception as the Department of Farm Mechanics in 1921, until he retired in 1955. As a tribute to his sincere interest in students, a faculty and alumni committee established the E.W. Lehmann Scholarship Fund. Presented to a student from each class in Agricultural and Biological Engineering or Technical Systems Management based on personal qualities, professional activities and scholarship.

Bernard C. Mathews / Mathews Company Scholarship - $ 1500

This award is made available through the Bernard C. Mathews/Mathews Company Agricultural Engineering Scholarship Fund.  The company endowed this scholarshop in 1988 in memory of the founder of the Mathews Company.  The award is presented to a student in agricultural engineering whose primary interest is in the design and development of agricultural machinery including grain drying equipment.

Ryan Tucker McGinn Memorial Award - $750

Must be a freshman, sophomore or junior in the Technical Systems Management program. Based on demonstrated leadership, service, scholarship, and personal character.

J.A. Weber Outstanding Freshman Award - $500

Presented to encourage and recognize a freshman who demonstrates academic excellence in Agricultural and Biological Engineering.