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Student Spotlight: Aaliya Lokhandwala

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This week we’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our third-year students, Aaliya Lokhandwala, who is currently majoring in Engineering Technology and Management for Agricultural Systems.

Aaliya is originally from Downers Grove, Illinois. She transferred to the University of Illinois to pursue a major that combined both of her interests: business and environmental sustainability. She shared, “I believe both of these concentrations work well together and can help provide insightful solutions to current issues. This major incorporates best of both worlds without double majoring!”

Including a focus on both business and environmental sustainability, one of Aaliya’s favorite things about the ETMAS major is how she’s able to work on STEM related topics and apply them to business principles. Working in a hands-on environment “keeps class interesting!”

Last summer, she was able to get a first-hand look at what her potential career path could be by gaining experience at an environmental, due diligence consulting company, EBI Consulting. Aaliya had this to say about her internship, “This opportunity allowed me to work with clients and understand what energy audits and assessments were. I also got the chance to calculate data that is now in their 2021 Sustainability Report! I learned that a great team and communication can take you very far.”

Currently, Aaliya works as an undergraduate researcher for Dr. Mackie in the Animal Science Lab. She is working with anaerobic digestion to see how the product of methane can be reversed to make a more sustainable product. “This experience is one that got me out of my comfort zone and allows me to continuously learn and be engaged in my work.”