John H. Ramser

John Hubert Ramser was a pioneer in crop-pro­cessing research in the department. He began work in 1941 and continued for nineteen years, until his death in February 1960. His research included hay­ curing systems, crop-drying equipment, hay crush­ing, and grain drying in a period when such practices were new to most farmers. He also taught senior courses in internal combustion engines and machine design.

John earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois in 1917 and entered the U. S. Navy, becoming an ensign during World War I. Following naval service, he entered industry in factory inspection and testing. He then spent ten years as a sales engi­neer for the U.S. Gypsum Company, followed by another decade operating the family-owned fruit farm in southern Illinois. He joined the University of Illinois staff during World War II as an associate and became assistant professor in 1957. His elder brother, C. E. Ramser, is widely known in agricultural engineering as a pioneer drainage en­gineer in the USDA. John is remembered for his technical compe­tence, friendly, helpful attitude, and general good cheer in his work with staff and students.