Professional Science Master's

Technical Systems Management

Merging technology with management in a systematic approach to problem-solving is the foundation of the Professional Science Master’s program in TSM. Our rigorous, hands-on program combines science knowledge with business know-how to prepare students for technical and leadership careers in managing agricultural and biological systems. For more information, please visit the Professional Science Master's (PSM) - TSM website or consult the TSM graduate program booklet.

Bioprocessing and Bioenergy

Integrating science and business, the PSM in Bioprocessing and Bioenergy prepares students for careers in the bioenergy life cycle—from feedstock supply to biofuel transportation and distribution. As both consumption and demand for renewable energy increases, our students will be prepared as scientists, managers, and engineers with leadership, entrepreneurship, technology management, and other business skills needed to take on significant career challenges and opportunities. More information is available on the Professional Science Master’s website, or our Bioprocessing and Bioenergy booklet. You can also check out the Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory website.