Apply engineering principles to the production of food, agricultural and biological materials for industrial, human and animal uses.

Students eligible: junior or senior in ABE or related engineering curriculum
Semesters of course offerings: Spring, Fall
Program length: 10 total credit hours
Format: In-person

The Food and Bioprocess Engineering certificate shows student's capability to apply rigorous engineering principles to food, agricultural and biological materials in the manufacture of food, biochemicals and biofuels for industrial, human and animal uses.

The FBE certificate demonstrates a focus in topics directly relating to processing of food and biological materials. The courses emphasize properties of agricultural and biological materials that are processed, familiarity of major bioprocesses used to produce food, fuel and industrial compounds, and familiarity with bioprocessing equipment. This is unique to FBE as the inputs into these bioprocesses are complex and vary due to their biological nature.

Student running machinery at IBRL.
Student running machinery at IBRL.


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Required courses for certificate:

  • ABE, 483, Engineering Properties of Food Materials, 3, Fall
  • ABE, 488, Bioprocessing Biomass for Fuel, 4, Fall

Elective courses for certificate (if applicable):

  • FSHN, 481, Food Processing Unit Operations I, 2, Spring
  • ETMA, 486, Grain Bioprocess Co-products, 3, Fall
  • FSHN, 483, Food Processing Unit Operations II, 2, Fall
  • FSHN, 482, Food Processing Unit/Operations I Lab, 1, Spring
  • FSHN, 484, Food Processing Unit Operations II Lab, 1, Fall

For more information contact:

Luis Rodriguez
Associate Professor
Luis Rodriguez